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Burgundy Court Tunic
This cotton tunic with elegant trim is perfect for High Feasts, Court or any time that fashionabl..
Ex Tax: $59.95
Champion LARP Sword
The perfect sword for Ranger and Knight. Champion LARP Longsword Palnatoke's foam LARP sw..
Ex Tax: $120.00
Elven Lord-Long Sword
The Lord's Sword is a gorgeous, rugged Elven blade. Elven Lord LARP Longsword Palnatoke's..
Ex Tax: $119.95
Elven Sword-Long
This latex sword is the perfect piece for the Elven or Sendar Warrior. Palnatoke's foam LARP swor..
Ex Tax: $105.95
Medieval Feastware
Iron knife, fork and spoon for the well-heeled knight or squire.   ..
Ex Tax: $22.95
Poet Shirt Black
This gorgeous black poet shirt is collarless, and is 100 percent cotton. Ideal for Larps, Renfair..
Ex Tax: $44.95
Scottish Sgian Dubh
Scottish knife, with decorative thistle design. MUST BE OVER 18 TO ORDER! ..
Ex Tax: $13.95
Templar Cloak Black
he Knight Templar`s cloak, with its distinctive red cross was an instantly recognizable garment i..
Ex Tax: $129.95
Templar Cloak White
The Knight Templar`s cloak, with its distinctive red cross, was an instantly recognizable garment..
Ex Tax: $129.95
Templar Surcoat
The Templar`s surcoat with its distinctive red cross, is easily recognized in the heat of battle...
Ex Tax: $99.95